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- Recently reached No.15 in one of the Lulu Bestseller's Chart!


- Perfect for people who are serious about improving their quizzing ability


- Was recently labelled 'The ultimate book in general knowledge self-improvement' and 'the best-kept secret in quizzing'!


- Has been mentioned in numerous quiz publications









How To Become A Quiz Genius by Jamie Miller »


- Are you a quiz show addict?


- Do you want to be able to answer more questions? 


- Do you want to be the person who knows everything?


... The ultimate book in general knowledge self-improvement is here!


Due to popular demand, 'How To Become A Quizzing Genius' is now available in both paperback and e-book format.


In my book, I show you how anyone can become as good as a professional quiz player in a short amount of time. Learn the'brain tricks' and techniques that I and seasoned quiz players have used to make a living out of quizzing.


If you are fed up with your overall general knowledge and have resigned to the fact that it would take many years to improve, think again.


With illustrations, case studies and guided examples, I will take you through the methods that will expand your general knowledge beyond what you ever imagined possible.


Consider some of the potential benefits:

* Being the star of any quiz contest

* Increased social skills as you are able to converse with anyone on their interests

* Impressing colleagues and family

* Scooping a life-changing amount on a television game show






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I have read books that teach mnemonics. Is your book any different?

Yes. In fact, my book actually cautions against the over-use of mnemonics.


I am not a quiz enthusiast. Can I still benefit from your book?

Absolutely! My book has benefitted students revising for exams, business people wanting to gain a competitive 'edge' and many people who simply wanted to improve their overall general knowledge. Whether you are trying to revise for an exam or for a quiz, the brain can still be ‘tricked’ in the same way to retain large amounts of information in a very short amount of time.


I am a business person. How can the book benefit me?

Many business men and women have reported using the book to gain a competitive edge in their field of expertise. Many of my readers have also been people who wanted to feel more at ease conversing with graduates, lawyers, accountants and other professionals.
How can I buy your books?
I wanted to make sure people could purchase the book securely so I made my book available through reputable online book retailer, Lulu. You simply enter your shipping and billing info and Lulu will process the order securely.
To buy the book in e-book format, click here: Buy now
To buy the book in saddle-stitch paperback format, click here: Buy now
What payment methods does Lulu accept?
Lulu accepts all major credit cards and PayPal
Is Lulu secure?
Yes. This is the reason I use Lulu. Lulu is safe and easy-to-use.
I live in the US. Can I still purchase the book?
What is an e-book?

E-books are digital or electronic books that can be read on your computer or laptop. They are a much faster way of getting the book because you can download them to your computer straight away.


How do I read an e-book?

All you need to read this e-book is a free programme called Adobe Digital Editions. Most computers/laptops already have this but if not, you can dowload it for free here: Adobe Digital Editions.


I have another query about the book. How do I contact you?

You can contact me anytime at: jamiemiller@quiz-genius.com



Customers Reviews »


"I purchased this book for myself but have used some of the techniques to help my son with learning difficulties... thank you"

- Ray, UK


"I like showing off now when we all sit around the TV watching quiz shows at the in-laws!"

- Daniel, UK


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