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Welcome to the number one site for people wanting to improve their quizzing capabilities. On this site, you will find interviews with seasoned quiz players (many from TV) and learn some of the secret techniques used by top quizzing professionals.


Whether you want to wow your friends at your local pub quiz, use the pub quiz-machines like ATMs or scoop a life-changing amount on a television game show, this site should point the way. 


This site can also be a great resource for people simply wanting to improve their general knowledge. If you're fed up of feeling that people know so much more than you, here is your chance to turn that around and develop a brain that makes people's jaws drop!



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06 March 2011

Reader's Questions - Read Jamie's blog where he now answers questions on quzzing!


21 February 2011


- Exclusive Interview with Egghead's CJ de Mooi

We sit down with one of the biggest personalities in the quiz world and ask him everything from his opinion on his fellow Eggheads to his infamous eye-rolling! Read here!


Ways To Become A Quizzing Genius

Check out Jamie's Squidoo article on how to become a quizzing genius!

Read here!


15 February 2011


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'How To Become A Quizzing Genius' now available for purchase!


Due to popular demand, Jamie Miller's 'How To Become A Quizzing Genius' is now available in both paperback and e-book format. Jamie says 'I was prompted to write the book after so many came to me asking for ways of improving their quizzing abilities'.


'In this book, I detail many of the secret techniques that have helped me make a living out of quizzing.'


Purchase in e-book format for just 4.99               



Purchase in paperback format for just 6.99   



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For peace of mind, you purchase securely with your card or Paypal (via Lulu).

Testimonials for the book

"I'm not a quiz player but I bought the book to improve my overall general knowledge... In two weeks, I was conversing with colleagues on politics, history... I recommend this book to anyone!"

Hugh, UK     


Read more testimonials here.


Back cover:

Want to expand your general knowledge in ways you never thought possible and learn the skills of seasoned quiz players? Then this book is for you! Contained in this book are the secret techniques that have helped make many people a living out of quizzing! And now they are presented in this user-friendly practical step-by-step for you to learn too.


In this cult-classic among quiz-players, Jamie Miller teaches you the quzzing techniques no-one wants you to know! With illustrations, case studies and guided examples, you will learn the methods that will change the way you learn trivia forever and help you become a quizzing genius.


Consider some of the potential benefits of becoming a better quizzer:

* Being able to generate a second or even first income from quizzing

* Using the local pub quiz-machine as an ATM!

* Increased social skills as you are able to converse with anyone on their interests

* Impressing colleagues and family

* Scooping a life-changing amount on a television game show


Whatever level of quizzer you are, this book can sharpen your game and give you the competitive advantage you need in the quizzing arena. So stop getting frustrated at never being able to remember the right answer and start your journey at becoming a...




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Read our exclusive interview with more quizzing celebrities... coming soon!


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