How music makes you smarter 

Music training may bring about biological changes in the brain that could enhance music processing and even transfer to other domains... Read here

Book explores future of the mind

Daniel Tammet argues that the differences between savant and non-savant minds has been greatly exaggerated. Read about 'Embracing The Wide Sky' here






January 2011




Jamie says...

Very exciting episode of 'The Chase' yesterday! I had to laugh at the contestants cheering on Mark Labbett when their team-mate chose to play for -2000! Watch it on ITV player here.

Also, check out this episode of 'Derren Brown: Trick Or Treat' when Derren Brown managed to turn a regular guy into a quiz champion in just a week here.


Happy New Year!

2011 gets off to a good start for quiz fans - with Celebrity Mastermind all this week, and the new series of 'The Chase' starting on Monday! Don't miss it!


December 2010


Contestant Call for BBC4's Only Connect

 If you would like to appear on the next season of BBC4's Only Connect show, check out the details here.


November 2010


The Quiz Lifestyle

Give yourself a lifestyle makeover and improve your quizzing abilities and your smartness factor with tips from leading experts! Read here!


October 2010


Jamie's Latest Tips

For updated tips on how to improve your general knowledge in a social or conversational context, check out Jamie's blog here: Read here!


September 2010


Only Connect Special!

Read our exclusive special on the quiz show favourite, Only Connect: Read here!


Free Quiz Questions & Answers

New free questions for you to use: Read here!


August 2010




Quiz Genius Interviews Dr Paul

It's not just the players that make for a good quiz - it's the host too! Today we speak to professional quiz-master, Dr Paul about what makes for a perfect quiz. Read here!


Enhancing Your Child's General Knowledge

Read my article for Brainy Child on the importance of enhancing your child's general knowledge! Read here!


July 2010




Quiz Genius Interviews TV's Dr Jack Lewis

Dr Jack Lewis is only in his thirties but with a PhD in neuroscience and a throng of successful television shows already under his belt, it is clear he doesn't waste any time! Read the interview here!




Quiz Genius Interviews Daphne Fowler from BBC's' Eggheads'!

She's the sweetest-looking quiz player you will ever meet! But don't be deceived, Daphne Fowler is arguably the greatest female quiz player in the country - and if you ever face her on 'Eggheads', chances are you will probably lose! Read the interview here!




Quiz Genius Interviews Shaun Wallace from ITV's 'The Chase'!

He's the criminal barrister and quizzing titan who appears each week on ITV's 'The Chase! But today, Shaun Wallace is speaking exclusively to Quiz Genius! Find out how Shaun got into quizzing in the first place and just what he thinks of his other Chasers! Read the interview here!




Quiz Genius Interviews David Clark!

He's won 'Mastermind'! He's been on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire', 'Eggheads', 'Brain of Britain' and is soon to appear on 'Mastermind: Champion of Champions'! And now David Clark sits down to talk exclusively with Quiz Genius. In this fascinating interview, you will learn how David once used his knowledge to empty a pub quiz machine and some of the specific techniques he used to score a mind-boggling 30 points on Mastermind! David also generously shares some of his top advice to anyone wanting to improve their quizzing capabilities! Read the interview here! 


Derren Brown turns 'average man' into pub quiz genius

In the space of one week, Derren Brown turns man with poor memory and little affinity for books into a quiz genius and shockingly sees him beat 100 of the finest general knowledge brains in Britain. Read here


How To Be A Contestant On Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!

Great article on how to be a contestant on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Read here


Top Celebrity Tip

Author, Lynette Padwa reveals her top tip for improving your general knowledge: "Don't pretend you know stuff! Be the one to ask questions and you'll ending up being the person with the most answers"  Read here





Read our exclusive interview with Sky TV's favourite neuroscientist, Dr Jack Lewis here!


Read our exclusive interview with BBC's Eggheads star, Daphne Fowler here!


Read our exclusive interview with ITV's The Chase star, Shaun Wallace here!


Read ourexclusive interview with Mastermind Champion, David Clarkhere!



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